• Coming for you 50k!

    I mentioned a bit in my last post about training for a 50k. 

    You should know… I’m a climber first, food eating extraordinaire second, and runner is much farther down this list. It’s somewhere past netflix cop drama obsessive and chocolate consumer. 

    I actually kind of like running, mainly on trails. Trails tend to be much less boring to me. Maybe it’s from all the bushwacking we’ve done with crash pads, or the mass amounts of deer that stare me down when I happen upon their grazing ground on a trail. Whatever it is, when I’m not running on dirt trails, running on pavement makes me want to shove the powerade gel packet down my throat to the point of death. 

    Thursday night, I was planning on doing a long trail run. Jon came with me, and we went out to Cadron Settlement to run the mountain biking trail. There could probably be 1,000 variations on that trail, but we found one that is exactly 2 miles (according to Map My Run on my iPhone). We did the trail 4 times, the 4th being in the dark with headlamps. I could’ve done more, I think. This trail is a little weird, lots of rolling hills, especially in the last mile. It’s not hard per say, but there are tons of rocks and roots, and I didn’t entirely trust my eyes and legs to see them for a few more rounds. 

    I was planning on climbing Friday at an area I have never even laid eyes on, but of course, IT’S RAINING. What the heck is going on with this rain! I need to climb outside!! Considering the elements, I saw a window in the afternoon that it actually wasn’t raining, and I set out on a 20 mile run.

    Sadly, I knew all the actual trails would be horrifically muddy, so I decided on the River Trail in LR. It’s a great area, PAVED :( and FLAT :( but it is really nice. I’m glad we have something like it in this in town. Jonathan got off work at 4:30, and he agreed to run the last bit with me. When I first got to the trail, a girl came up to me and said,

    "Hey, I know this is weird, but are you running?"

    I said, “Um yeah! How far are you going?”

    She said, “Around 10-11, I get really paranoid on these trails about getting attacked, and my friend that usually runs with me just canceled. I just really needed someone to run with.”

    Of course I ran with her! It killed some mental time, and it forced me to run faster.

    I never really worry about getting attacked on the trail. Maybe its because of optimism, maybe it’s because I’ve watched so many Lifetime movies that I know if those girls can get away, SURELY I can get away, or maybe it’s because I’ve given myself the persona of “big katie” that I couldn’t possibly contemplate the idea of someone with smaller shoulders than me taking me down. *This is not a humble brag by any means. My shoulders and lats are so big that I can’t even wear normal women’s clothes that aren’t stretchy. I wear Jonathan’s clothes half the time, not to be the awww wife who wears her husbands clothes, but just to be able to wear clothes at all. And seriously, it makes me sad.* 

    Regardless of what it is, the girl, who was much much faster than me, would run ahead several hundred feet, and then run back to me… only to repeat the same thing over again. 

    I found Jonathan around mile 10, and he ran the final 7+ with me. I think I actually ended up doing 17 miles instead of 20. My iPhone (Map My Run App) died at mile 15, so I have no idea where we actually ended. I had mentally calculated a 20 mile run, but I think it only ended up being 17 when I got to my car,  and if I get to my car, it’s over. There’s the car. It’s the end. 

    I’m feeling pretty good though! My body feels fine, I could actually taste the double IPA that was waiting on me at home around mile 15. 

    Whatever. I guess I’m going to run a 50K in 4 weeks! ha! I gave my cat a bath today, and that means I can do ANYTHING, COME AT ME, BRO!


    1. shelleyrunstrails said: Hi Katie! This is shelleyrunstrails(Shelley). I am working with Fayettechill too. Thats how I found u. Curious what 50k u r running. Is it Possum Kingdom?
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