• Had an AWESOME time in RMNP yesterday.

  • Scoping out the guidebook for boulder problems in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  • Sup y’all. Just walked into my house, and my dog (in the photo above) puked and pooped all over my fantastic couch (also photo above). Additionally, it was all over that rug there as well.

    Just spent an hour cleaning, and I’m so sad. :(

  • My neighborhood threw an observe the moon party! One of the telescope owners let me hook up my phone to his telescope, AND ITS AWESOME.

  • One of the best conversations I’ve ever had. 
  • "Me: “Does your dog like water?”
    Dude: “Oh yeah, he just had a bunch. He’ll probably drink some more soon.”
    Me: “….”"
  • Driving from Seattle to Arkansas in iPhone photos.

  • Shout out to my pup, Lu for being the best dog on the planet! Sorry that you guys don’t have cool dogs.

  • My trip to colorado in iPhone photos ❤️